I think we found the winner for the best new actor award?

I think we found the winner for the best new actor award?

Tyler Shaw steals the screen and will definitely steal hearts, like he does with his music in the new feature film The Meaning of Life (2017). North Film Co. took a big risk with the Sony signed pop singer Tyler Shaw, other than his music videos, Tyler has never acted before…  Taking on a lead in a feature film is not exactly easing into it, but with bigger risk, is a bigger reward.

North Film Co. a.k.a the North Film couple, Russ De Jong (CEO / Director of Photography) & Cat Hostick (Co-Owner / Director) immediately thought of Tyler for the role. Cat really wanted a real musician for the lead role and since Russ had filmed one of Tyler’s music videos before he was very confident in Tyler and his abilities to act on camera.

You would never know that it was his first time in a movie. He did such an amazing job, and was doing scenes with some of the bigger actors in the city– Sergio Di Zio, Dan Lett, Jean Yoon.

“As both an Actor and Director, I want to say to all the casting directors out there: Invite new actors into the room!! I feel as though Canadian casting directors aren’t all willing to take risks on finding new talent or the next big thing. But they are out there! You just have to give them a chance. Tyler is a prime example of this.” Says Director Cat Hostick.

“You take a talented individual, surround him with other talented individuals, whether it be actors or a great director and put a little bit of energy, confidence and faith into the mix and you’ll be surprised what you are left with” Says CEO Russ De Jong

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