A short film turned into a feature film. Director Cat Hostick taken by the pleasant surprise

A short film turned into a feature film. Director Cat Hostick taken by the pleasant surprise

What some people don’t know is that the feature film The Meaning of Life (2017) began as a short film. It was written and shot originally as a thirty-page script.

“During filming, I watched the dailies and had our assistant editor piece together some scenes on set. I love really drawn out moments and noticed that this piece was going to be a lot longer than we thought…much longer!” says Director Cat Hostick.

However, the film was not going to be long enough to be a feature. The North Film couple discussed the possibility of a full-length film during filming and even before going to camera with the short, but it was not possible at that moment due to time and resources. A couple months later after the edit of the short film version was complete, North Film Co. decided that they needed to finish this movie off as a feature. They went back to filming in June to finish it off and it was a pleasant surprise for Director Cat Hostick.

“ I never thought in a million years that The Meaning of Life would be the first feature that I Wrote and Directed. I always thought it would be a psychological thriller, as those are the stories I generally write, but I couldn’t be happier that The Meaning of Life (2017) was my first. This was a story that needs to be told. ” Says the female Director, Cat Hostick.

The vast majority of the short film was left in-tact and in the feature length version. Making the decision to go ahead with continuing the move onward into a feature length movie was a clear deciding for North Film Co, even although filming in a feature film in 10days is never easy, especially with limited resources since this was a 100% self funded indie feature!

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