Talking to the Director about Silverstein’s “Continual Condition” Music Video

Talking to the Director about Silverstein's "Continual Condition" Music Video

Here is a throwback to one of the music videos North Film Co. shot for Silverstein called “The Continual Condition”.  Many know Silverstein for the hit song “Smile In Your Sleep”.  The band has been around for a long time and is still making killer music!

Notes from the Director (Cat Hostick) : “These guys were brilliant to work with.  For Continual Condition, singer Shane Told and I discussed the song’s context. I learned the theme of the song was about addiction. I wanted to do a music that was half performance based and half narrative with the entire band involved. The premise is that the whole band goes to one of those backdoor sketchy poker tables and gamble against some dangerous characters. As band member Paul gets caught cheating in the game, things go sour and it turns into a bloody mess and each band member gets killed off/injured in a different way by their poker components. The last to stand is Shane. Thought is he barely able to stand, he just keeps coming back for more, not willing to give up the fight, no matter how bloody or beat up he gets. Everytime one of the band member dies/gets injured, we cut away from the poker game to the performance where we see the band member now bloodied with the corresponding wound. As you will see, Shane looks like Carrie by the end of this video with how bloody he gets. I wanted to reinforce the theme of addiction with the concept… That no matter how bad it gets, addictions keep going back for more.  It seems ridiculous but I wanted to over-exaggerate to bring attention to the matter. It seems like a terrible bloody ending, as you will see… the video ends where it begins, right before the band enters into the building… they decide to walk away from the situation and the gambling. ”

The ending of the music video has a pretty epic one take- steadi cam walk on shot. A North Film Co staple. Our DOP/Steadicam operator, Russ De jong starts on steadicam, running sideways full speed into a platform on crane. Once he lands, it rises up into the air as we see follow the band waking to  a building at night.


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