A North “Film Couple” Production: The Meaning of Life (2017)

A North "Film Couple" Production: The Meaning of Life (2017)

North Film Co. is lead by CEO – Russ De Jong and Co-Owner Cat Hostick. The Meaning of Life is the first feature film lead by the North Film Couple!

North Film Co. Co-Owner Cat Hostick took on the roles of Writing / Directing / Producing and even Acting! While North Film Co.’s CEO Russ De Jong took on the roles of Executive Producer / Director of Photography / Steadicam Operator / Crane Operator / Drone Operator and Editor.

This power couple is Canada’s notorious “film couple” What most people don’t know about the name “North Film Co.” is that the “Co.” doesn’t stand for “company” or “corporation”. Rather, it stands for “couple” …a.k.a North Film Couple.

“When trying to create a name for the company, we wanted to brand ourselves as a film couple because it’s a niche and we wanted to be that ‘mom and pop’ company, but we were having a hard time coming up with something. This is our first movie where we share the meaning behind our company name in our title cards. Not many people get to do what they love every day and not many get to do it with the people they love. We create beautiful things together.” says Director Cat Hostick.

Tackling a feature film requires a lot of time, energy and hard work. It is hard for a fully funded team of experienced film professionals to tackle, especially on the scale that North Film Co. produces at. There was countless ACTRA actors on set, multiple locations often as many as 4 in a day!

“We didn’t want to sacrifice quality, so the goal was to make our days as efficient and move as fas as we could but still with getting quality locations, solid acting moments and unique movement and camera angles into the feature. I know it was going to be a challenge when undertaking this movie, looking back at it I don’t think I stopped moving for more than 30 seconds on any of our shooting days!” says Director of Photography Russ De Jong

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