Equipment List

North Film Co. Equipment

Harness the power of over 1 Million dollars of equipment for your next production. North Film Co. has acquired a vast collection of the latest industry standard equipment, with some items for rent and others that are exclusive to North Film Co. and HIRE-ONLY. Click Here for a .PDF of all the equipment listed below, and remember to call for any questions you may have as we are always updating and adding to our equipment list, if it’s not on here ask and we may already have it…

Camera Equipment List

**Some items come as a package and others can be rented individually. Please email or call for prices and availability.** Click Here for a .PDF version of North Film Co.’s Camera Equipment List.


  • Ti PL Mount / EF Mount
  • 7” RED Touch Screen
  • Innocinema Proteus (6pin Lemo out @12v, 2pin Lemo out @5v)
  • Gold Mount power back-plate (Anton Bauer)
  • RED Side Handle
  • Low-light OLPF / Skin Tone OLPF
  • 2x 512gb RED Mini Mags + Card Reader
  • 15mm rod system / Arri Dovetail


  • 16mm Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9
  • 24mm Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9
  • 32mm Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9
  • 50mm Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9
  • 85mm Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9
  • 135mm Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9


  • 2x Camera carts (Magliner) (May require pick-up, if both needed)
  • 2x 702 Small HD Monitor
  • 502 Small HD Monitor
  • Movi M15 w/ Movi Controller + 8 batts
  • 24” Directors Monitor (Wireless capable = AB powered + Teradeck)


  • 3 Stage 4×5.6 Matte Box Light-Weight Clip on (Bright Tangerine Misfit)
  • Set of Matte’s, Top Brow and Ring adapters (110mm, 114mm, 104mm, 100mm, 95mm, 87mm, 80mm)
  • Fire Crest IRND Set (.3, .6, .9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8)
  • 1/8 BPM, ¼ BPM
  • Ultra Contrast #1, Ultra Contrast #3
  • 1/8 SFX, 1/4 SFX
  • Rota-Pola


  • O-Connor 1030HD Tripod Head (100mm Ball)
  • O-Connor 30L Carbon Fibre 2 Stage Tripod Legs
  • High-hat 100MM Ball


  • Teradeck 2000 Wireless 1 tx, 2 rx
  • Dual Motor Wireless FF = RT Motion 2km range, Run/Stop for RED or Arri Cameras
  • 9x Marking discs for FF
  • 4x Canon LP-6 Batteries


  • 12x Anton Bauer HC Dionic 90kw/hr Batteries + 3 Dual Chargers
  • 3x Swit 190kw/hr Batteries + 1 four-bank Charger
  • RED AC Power

Stedicam Equipment List

Owner / Operator only, equipment not for rent – HIRE ONLY. Steadicam is one of North Film Co.s most heavily used camera movement tools, and thanks to CEO Russ De Jong, North Film Co. is able to bring high-quality steadicam shots to any production that needs it! Steadicam allows for smooth fluid movement of the camera to provide the  cinematic style which North Film Co. is well known for. Click Here for a .PDF version of North Film Co.’s Steadicam Equipment List.

  • OMEGA REVOLUTION Head *High-mode to Low-mode during a shot (no-delay), Ability to fly sled side-ways and out / over objects. Can achieve shots not possible with a traditional Steadicam.
  • MKV, 2 Stage Sled capable of ultra high and ultra low shots *Camera weight determines limitations, lighter camera = more range.
  • Can carry up to 4 batteries
  • Walter Klassen Vest
  • Sled power for RED Epic/Dragon/Weapon, Arri Alexa/Mini/Amira
  • Pro Arm (Capable of 70lbs)


  • Teradeck 2000 Wireless 1 tx, 2 rx
  • Dual Motor Wireless FF = RT Motion 2km range, Run/Stop for RED or Arri Cameras
  • 9x Marking discs for FF
  • 4x Canon LP-6 Batteries


  • 12x Anton Bauer HC Dionic 90kw/hr Batteries + 3 Dual Chargers
  • 3x Swit 190kw/hr Batteries + 1 four-bank Charger
  • RED AC Power
  • **Prefered cameras are RED Dragon, or Arri Mini… Lighter the camera the more range for high-mode, low-mode, or extending out / over objects.

Crane / Jib Equipment List

Owner / Operator only, equipment not for rent – HIRE ONLY. When your really looking for that WOW factor, North Film Co.’s crane shots really step up to the plate. With over 40ft of camera height and the ability to pair with 40ft of track allows for some very unique camera shots. Take it to the next level and pair North Film Co.’s crane with Steadicam and your shot can start high in the air, come down to eye level and continue into and through a space all in the same shot, with a steadicam crane walk off! Click Here for a .PDF version of North Film Co.’s Crane Equipment List.

  • 40ft Crane can break down into smaller sizes
  • 36ft Reach
  • 43ft Max height
  • 40ft of track
  • Cable use for Operator clip on / off shots
  • Steadicam plat-form for operator walk on / walk off shots
  • Seated operator plate for Operator ride-on mode
  • Gyro stabilized remote head
  • Height adjustable base
  • Wheel driven base can be Crab-steered
  • Entire crane can be broken down, transported to location and re-assembled. *Parts are still heavy and do require multiple people and additional time, but it can be placed in most spots.

Aerial Cinema Drone Equipment List

North Film Co. is proud to a profession grade cinema UAV. Capable of flying industry standard cameras and lenses in challenging environmental locations is what separates our professional grade UAV from the toys you see others using. No RC enthusiasts or garage built drones here, this is the real deal trusted on some of the most demanding sets. Click Here for a .PDF version of North Film Co.’s Steadicam Equipment List.

  • Alta 8 Heavy lifting aerial drone
  • Can carry a RED w/ an Ultra Prime, Teradek & FF
  • FPV Monitoring
  • 2x 16ah batteries
  • 2x 12ah batteries
  • 4x 10ah batteries
  • Position hold
  • Altitude hold
  • Travel case

Lighting / Grip Equipment List

North Film Co. 5 Ton Grip / Electric truck allows them to properly light and support a great deal of productions out of just one truck! With a vast collections of lights and supporting equipment North Film Co. has the right tool for every job in a convenient package truck. Individual items are for rent as well as the package truck so please call or email for more details. Click Here for a .PDF version of North Film Co.’s Grip Truck Equipment List.

  • 4x Kino Flo 4’ 4 bulb w/ fixture(s), ballast(s), head cable(s), and mounting plate(s)
  • Kino Flo 2’ 4 bulb w/ fixture, ballast, head cable, and mounting plate
  • MacTech 480 (4K Output equivalent)
  • 2x Mole-Richardson 2k
  • 2x Mole-Richardson 1k
  • 2x Mole-Richardson 650w Tweenie
  • 2x 1k Parcan
  • Arri LC7 LED
  • 4x LTM 420w Pepper
  • 2x LTM 200w Pepper
  • 2x Arri 150w w/snoots
  • Source Four 750w w/19 & 36 degree barrels, gobo holder, and iris
  • Mole-Richardson Zip 2k w/crate
  • Mole-Richardson Zip 1k baby w/crate
  • 100w stick-up kit
  • 75x TL950 (daylight 5500) T8 tubes
  • 20 tungsten Led tubes
  • 2x 1×1 LED Panal
  • 1x 6”x12” LED Panal
  • 2x 2k Dimmers
  • 15x Extension Cord 25’
  • 15x Extension Cord 50’
  • 2x Matthews Medium Boy overhead rolling
  • 2x Matthews 2k/750 Combi Reflector 2 riser 2x 3 riser
  • 6x Matthews 750 Beefy 3 riser 4x 2 riser
  • 2x Matthews 750 Beefy Low
  • 20x Matthews 40” C-Stand w/ head and arm
  • 2x Matthews 20” C-Stand w/ head and small arm
  • 6x Mathews Black C-Stand w/head and arm
  • 4x 18×24 Solid 2x Single Net 2x Double Net 2x Silk 2x Open Frame
  • 4x 2×3 Solid 2x Single Net 2x Double Net 2x Silk 4x Open Frame
  • Silver Reflector 4×4
  • 3x 4×4 Floppy Solid 3x 4×4 Solid
  • 2x 4×4 Single Net
  • 2x 4×4 Double Net
  • 2x 4×4 Silk
  • 4x 4×4 Open Frame round tube
  • Meat Axe 24×72
  • Baby Meat Axe 18×48
  • Solid 8×8 Single Net 8×8 Double Net 8×8 Silk 8×8
  • Griffolyn 8×8
  • Frame w/ears and corners 8×8
  • Solid 12×12 Single Net Double Net Silk Griffolyn
  • Speedrail frame- 6’ pieces w/ears and corners 12×12
  • 4x Gobo Heads 2 ½”
  • 4x Short Arms
  • 2x Grip Head Lollipops 4 ½”
  • 2x C-Clamp 6”
  • 2x Bar Clamps 12”
  • 2x Bar Clamps 18”
  • 4x Bar Clamp Studs
  • 2x 750 Pidgeon 3”
  • 8x 750 Pipe Clamp
  • 750 Offset Arm
  • 4x 750 Scissor Clip
  • 750 Triple Header
  • 4x 750/2k Stud Adaptor
  • 2x Pidgeon 2k
  • 4x Pipe Clamp 2k
  • Offset Arm 2k
  • 2x Chain Vice Grips w/studs
  • C-Boom Clamp
  • 15x Sand Bags
  • 2x Shot Bags
  • 6x medium Sand Bags
  • Box of Wedges
  • 3x Fiberglass Ladder 6’
  • 6x Full Apple Box
  • 6x ½ Apple Box
  • 6x ¼ Apple Box
  • 6x Sound Blankets
  • American Doorway Dolly
  • C-Stand Cart
  • Tungsten Cart
  • Flag Cart
  • Floppy Cart
  • Crate Accessories Cart
  • 5x Job Bins
  • 8x tungsten bulbs
  • 12x daylight bulbs
  • 100mm Ball Head Adaptor
  • 150mm Ball Head Adaptor
  • 200mm Ball Head Adaptor
  • T shaped multi tool
  • 1/4 20 accessory adaptor
  • 750 spigot flat support
  • 4x Matthews Hollywood Century C Stand Grip Head Kit, Black
  • Matthews Hollywood 20″ C-Stand Black
  • Matthews Junior Double Riser Rolling Stand
  • Matthews Baby Junior Steel Wheeled Stand
  • 8x Impact Saddle Sandbag – 25lb
  • 2x 25′ American DJ Accu – Cable 3-Wire 12 Gauge Edison AC Extension
  • 2x 50′ American DJ Accu – Cable 3-Wire 12 Gauge Edison AC Extention
  • 3x Matthews Sound Blanket with Grommets
  • 2x Matthews Studio Equipment 24×36″ Flag
  • 2x Matthews Studio Equipment 24×39″ White Artificial Silk
  • 2x Filmtools 54″ Duvetyne – Black
  • Duvatyne Scraps / Rolls
  • Approximately 30 assorted rolls of gels and 50+ scraps
Equipment List May 16, 2016