Somnium – North Film Co.’s Latest project

Somnium - North Film Co.'s Latest project

North Film Co. starts post-production on a new psychological thriller called SOMNIUM.  Starring Canadian born actors: John White (Known for his lead role as Stifler’s brother Eric in The American Pie: Beta House movies) and Elma Begovic known for Bite (2015) and her role as Melania Trump in new series You Got Trumped: First 100 days in office. The team shot for 3 days in the beautiful mountains of Rancho Cucomonga, California, and continued the rest of principal photography in / around Palm Springs.

Somnium is the latest North Film Co. project from the #northfilmcouple = director by Cat Hostick and Director of Photography is Russ De Jong. Shot on RED DRAGON w/ Arri Zeiss Ultra Primes and the aerial drone footage recorded with the same camera / lens set-up flown on the Alta 8 UAV owned by North Film Co. “We were stoked to finally get our new drone in the air, capturing gorgeous footage of the mountains, on the same camera + lenses we shot the rest of the project on so there was no sacrifice of quality.”  Says Director of Photography Russ De Jong.

Somnium means “dream” in latin, the movie is about a PTSD ridden ex-soldier suffering from strong visions. He soon learns his diseased mind may not be his demise, but his family’s saviour. Click here for more information.