Canadian pop-singer Tyler Shaw’s acting debut in THE MEANING OF LIFE (2017)

Canadian pop-singer Tyler Shaw's acting debut in THE MEANING OF LIFE (2017)

When North Film Co. went to approach Tyler Shaw with the script for THE MEANING OF LIFE (2017)… there were two obvious questions: Can this musician act, and most importantly, does he have a desire to act?

Tyler says “As far back as I remember I’ve always focused on the good things that can come out of any situation. My motto is simply: Never give up.” Right away, Tyler loved the script as he found it so ironic that the character had the same outlook and motto as him and it was really one of the main themes of the movie. Tyler had a strong desire to try things out on the acting front and he couldn’t refuse, despite his busy schedule as he prepared to go on tour with Selena Gomez in May 2016.

Alongside a cast of three Gemini Award winning actors: Sergio Di Zio, Dan Lett. Jean Yoon… this musician delivers strong performances.

Tyler’s fans are excited to see the Pop-star in his acting debut. Could he be the next Canadian triple threat? We certainly think so at North Film Co.

Tyler was a perfect cast for The Meaning of Life and we are very excited to have had Tyler star in our latest feature film!

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